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Our Aging Padres

In our relationship with parents,

it's necessary to extend a compassionate hand towards ourselves. As our parents age, their actions may not always align with our age and expectations. Understanding that their behavior might come from a place of worry or uncertainty is key, especially when they may unknowingly or uncontrollably treat us like children, a manifestation of their own fears.

Forgiving ourselves becomes paramount when impatience , frustration, and our non-best self creep into our interactions with our queridos padres.  Acknowledging that our reactions are human is the first step. Aging parents often grapple with the uncertainties of the future, and sometimes, their attempts at expressing love may come across as overbearing or parental, despite our age and having our own families.

Embrace the imperfections of these moments, recognizing the love behind their words and actions. Forgiveness, in this context, is not just about absolving our parents; it's about granting ourselves the grace to navigate these trying moments with our parents. As we grow, so should our ability and willingness to understand their words and actions, paving the way for patience and empathy. So should our ability to understand the sadness we experience seeing them as they grow older.

Forgiveness and understanding leads to resilience and compassion.

Be kind to yourself, and evolve with your aging padres.

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