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  • What happens during an introductory coaching session?
    The introductory session is an opportunity for you and Gustavo to get to know one another. Gustavo will share his coaching approach. He will also get to understand why you are considering coaching. Then, if you are up to it, you'll explore any topic you’d like to talk about. Hopefully, through Gustavo's listening to what you are saying or not saying, he'll ask the right questions to champion and challenge you. You may come up with some actionable steps forward on your topic. By the end of the introductory session you and Gustavo may possibly know if you both can have a mutual, positive coaching experience and partnership. If you and Gustavo decide it's a go, Gustavo will send you or your sponsor (employer/organization) a partnership agreement based on the chosen coaching package.
  • What are the steps to explore a workshop engagement with your Company?
    There will be several steps to this process. First, your Company stakeholder and Gustavo will have a fulsome discussion about the corporation's needs, vision and timeline. Based on the conversation, Gustavo will develop a draft of what the workshop can look like and provide to the Company stakeholder for feedback. Then, an agreement will be made on the final product and a date for review of the product. In the final step, logistics (in person, video etc.) will be ironed out.
  • How much does is cost to be coached or for a workshop?
    Coaching rates (six session minimum) are based on the type of sponsorship: - Company sponsorship (six sessions) $3,000 - Self-sponsored (six sessions) $1,500 Workshops are customized to meet Company needs and priced based on content and audience size. Topics for the workshops include, but are not limited to the following: "Mi Identidad y Camino" | "Mi Identity & Path" - Who I am and my career. "Leaders in Transition" - Position leaders to succeed in their new corporate roles "How do I Lead?" - Self-awareness that makes you a better leader "Beyond Humility: Advocating for Myself" - Marketing self while staying true to self "Navigating Saboteurs" - Understanding our self limiting thoughts & behaviors
  • What credentials do you have to be a coach?
    Associate Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation certification (May, 2021) Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Co-active Training Institute (January, 2021) Positive Intelligence Certification, Positive Intelligence (March, 2022) See the Testimonials page for value provided in coaching partnerships.
  • What if I have to postpone a scheduled session?
    Life happens. It will happen to you, it will happen to Gustavo. You and Gustavo will give each other a reasonable heads-up when you have to postpone a session. You'll figure out when to reschedule based on mutual availability.
  • What if I decide to end our partnership?
    Unfortunately, you may determine that what seemed like a good partnership in the beginning, isn’t turning out to be one. Gustavo may even decide the partnership is not a positive or productive experience. If this happens, a prorated fee total will be calculated based on sessions taken and not taken to date for reimbursement to you or your sponsor (employer). No harm, no foul. If you are still interested in a coaching partnership, Gustavo may even be able to recommend a few coaches to you or your sponsor.
  • Do you coach Executives & Professionals of different ethnicities?
    Gustavo coaches executives and professionals from all walks of life and ethnicities, including Caucasian, African-American, Asian, Indian, Jewish-and everything in between-executives and professionals. The coaching partnerships have lasted from three to twelves months and beyond. Gustavo appreciates learning about the nuances of how an individual's ethnicity, culture and upbringing influence personal and career trajectories, positively or not so positively.
  • Are coaching sessions confidential?
    Whatever is discussed in your coaching partnership with Gustavo is confidential. Gustavo offers a safe and nonjudgmental environment in which you give yourself license to talk in the most courageous and self pioneering way, knowing that Gustavo will listen and hopefully ask you the questions that need to be asked so you clarify what will be your most fulfilling life. However, if you share or Gustavo discerns that you are at risk of harming yourself and/or others, Gustavo will do what is necessary to protect you and/or others. This would include sharing his concerns with you and informing you that he may possibly breech the confidentiality agreement between the both of you.
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