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Discovery Session

The coaching partnership begins with Gustavo and you getting to know one another and to sow seeds of rapport and trust. Gustavo will get to know your life trajectory to the present. It’ll be Gustavo's opportunity to begin to understand your values, the challenges, successes, self-limitations, beliefs and concerns that define you.  

Our Roles

You and Gustavo will design an alliance (agreements, i.e., logistics, video, in-person, or over the phone, etc.). The partnership is for you, about you, and based on what works for you.  

Your goal is to be clear or as clear as you can be about the results you want out of the coaching partnership. 

Gustavo's goal is to partner with you as you rediscover your innate and untapped creativity, resourcefulness and sense of self to achieve your results. Gustavo will challenge you to face any unproductive perspectives and traits that may be limiting you.  

It will be important for Gustavo to understand your comfort with being challenged. So it’ll be important that throughout our partnership you are candid, clear, and advocate for what works for you.         


Your partnership with Gustavo is premised on your choice of topic, unlayering the overarching themes associated with your topic, with the goal of heightening your self-awareness towards the transformation that you want for yourself. 

The tools that Gustavo will employ during the sessions are will be based on what works best for you, and include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Fostering an environment to place the world on pause as you reconnect with what you want to achieve;

  • Asking you questions that challenge your assumptions, self perceptions, and pull you deeply inwards for your solutions and clarity;           

  • Utilizing more structured surveys if that is what works best for you; and 

  • Contemplation and visualization techniques. 


You’re responsibility is to be:

  • Courageously honest with yourself

  • Open-minded to different perspectives and possibilities

  • Willing to let go of unhealthy perspectives and traits

  • Embrace and act upon your heightened self-awareness and discoveries

Gustavo's responsibility is to: 

  • Believe in you and your potential and possibilities

  • Listen without assumptions, advice, or judgment

  • Acknowledge and validate your thoughts and emotions 

  • Ask the questions that need to be asked based on what you are saying and not saying

  • Committed to help you discover what are the steps you need to take towards your most fulfilled life 

Usually, at the end of every coaching session there will be actionable steps that you have identified for yourself and to hold yourself accountable to until the next session. The coaching session frequency is scheduled based your preference (weekly, biweekly or monthly).

Midway through your partnership with Gustavo, you both will reassess how the coaching experience is going for the both of you. To assess what is working and not working for you. You may decide to adjust what you want to achieve through the partnership. For example, you may decide to refocus your sessions on different aspects of your life (professional, personal relationships, health etc.). Gustavo may decide to utilize different coaching tools based on your self advocacy and what works for you.

Concluding the Partnership

Concluding your partnership with Gustavo will entail a self-inventory of your journey, who you were when you began, what you wanted to achieve, who you became to achieve your goals... and, what did you learn about yourself?

Ultimately, your goal is to transform towards greater awareness of self, and possibilities; possibly make peace with any self limiting beliefs; celebrate who you are and what you discovered about yourself.  Most importantly, to commit to transform through actionable steps to achieve all these amazing facets that define you.  

Let's connect with an introductory session.

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