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Gustavo is an excellent coach. I have had the privilege of being coached by Gustavo and I can honestly say that he is by far the best coach I’ve ever had in my professional career. Gustavo excels at pinpointing key personality attributes and the how one’s traits can shape one’s approach to professional and personal dynamics. He also approaches coaching discussions with patience, kindness, and candor. With Gustavo’s guidance, I was able to gain a better awareness of myself and how others perceive me, along with which skills to focus on in order to reach that next step of my professional goals. All in all I can’t recommend Gustavo enough to others who are looking for an excellent coach to reach the next step of their careers.

B. A. / Financial Services

I met Gustavo, my coach, through an exclusive coaching opportunity at work. From the first coaching session, Gustavo got to know me personally. He takes the extra time to learn the history, personal motivations and other factors that impact personal and professional goals. In fact, he has taught me many things about myself I didn’t even know! Gustavo's advice and suggestions have made an immediate impact on my confidence personally and professionally. He has armed me with many tips and suggestions.  

M. Q. / Financial Services

Gustavo is an incredible coach who led me into a thought-provoking journey that positively impacted my life and career. His questions led to many revelations about areas where I felt imbalanced and how they were interconnected. Gustavo got to the root of my challenges and his coaching propelled me to execute the problem-solving needed to take action. He also guided me towards understanding what my key values were and how I have leveraged (or not leveraged) them in my decision-making. He is also wonderful in articulating the role that culture plays within workplace interactions and partnerships. I recommend Gustavo as a coach because he challenges and inspires you towards gaining momentum where momentum is needed.

M. O. / Financial Services

 Working with Gustavo is a blessing! He brings a transcendent calm to his practice all the while challenging you to reach for your dreams. He makes the often uncomfortable path to transformation seem like an afternoon stroll. We can do great things when we are safe. Gustavo creates a space like none other and has truly helped unlock deep learning and growth in my life

K. L. / Financial Services

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