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My Name is Gustavo & I Partner with Hermanas y Hermanos

I coach Hispanic Executives, Entrepreneurs, Future Executives, & Professionals.

I’m, indeed, certified as a coach. Although some of the best coaches in my life didn’t have certifications. I’ve personally experienced certified coaches that didn’t offer what I needed.

My clients have said I have a gift when it comes to coaching. I’m humbled and proud when a client shares that.

However, what I offer isn’t about me, my certifications or accomplishments. It’s about you, who you are, what’s important to you.

What I provide in coaching partnerships is an environment without judgment, of trust, and about me asking you the right questions, based on what you say or don’t say. I don’t have an agenda or an idea about what you should do.

That’s for you to figure out as I walk along side you and listen, acknowledge, and ask you questions.

I’ll also celebrate and challenge you. For your wins and efforts. When you say you want to achieve A but are walking down a path to B.

My name is Gustavo and I partner with hermanas y hermanos.

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