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As Important as DEI Programs

“YES” with capital letters, DEI programs move the needle towards more equitable work environments and opportunities for POC.

Just as important as DEI programs, are the critical steps POC need to take to identify beliefs and biases that self limit.

The table can be set.

But if we don’t sit ourselves at the table and grab a fork and spoon, DEI programs on the menu are in vain.

I write this from personal experience and from coaching clients I’ve worked with.

Structural and historic inequities make the path of opportunities very steep. Making the journey even harder is when our own beliefs and biases make our path even steeper.

We must look deep inside and face the self limiting beliefs that are disempowering our own potential and opportunity mindset.

Such self limiting beliefs can be part of our (sub)consciousness.

* Not taking leadership at their word on the earnestness of the DEI programs. As a result, not optimizing the programs and opportunities available through the initiatives.

* Inherent defensiveness and “Us vs. Them” beliefs that self exclude us from the purpose of DEI programs.

* Inherent inferiority complexes that have understandably evolved throughout our upbringings and experiences that do not serve us.

DEI is an inside job as much as a company effort.

As important as DEI programs is that we bring ourselves to the table, serve ourselves a full plate and dig in with our firmly held fork and spoon.

Shoulder to shoulder. Making conversation. Building rapport. And in the process, unshackling yourself from the inside out from self limiting beliefs and biases.

You deserve to be at the table. You want to be at the table. You are hungry for empowerment, realizing your potential and giving yourself that chance.

Let’s feast, build, create, innovate, and grow together at the table.

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