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Seek and Side with Your Allies

Integral to the Co-active coaching partnership is to heightened awareness of your saboteurs and help you rediscover your inner leader and allies.

Self-saboteurs have amplified within us with the murder of George Floyd and as we fully acknowledge centuries of institutionalized racism, in addition to Covid-19.

Saboteurs can range from helplessness to denial and many more other self destroyers. These saboteurs can lead down a defeating path of depression, fear and anger, in addition to guilt, apathy and defensiveness.

You have a choice to make, a choice that will swallow you whole by your saboteurs. Or, you can choose to seek and bring forward in you your inner leader and allies.

Remember them? Your inner leader and allies of courage, compassion and the many more that define the best in you?

You are encouraged to tame your saboteurs with your inner leader and allies. These inner leader and allies will realign you with your values that promote growth and wholeness towards a better neighborhood, community, region and country.

Seek out a Co-active coach that is a good fit for you to begin your journey that takes you towards the best in you.

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