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Pressure Signaling Time to Be

The pressure of other’s expectations, spoken or unspoken, assumed or perceived can be exhausting. Sometimes, you don’t even realize that you are reacting to other’s expectations. The sense of other’s expectations may be so ingrained.

Feeling pressure or stress may be your signal to pause and ensure alignment with your values and your path to a fulfilling life.

Amongst other questions you may think of, ask yourself:

§ "Am I reacting?"

§ "What do I want deep down?"

§ “Is what I'm doing aligned with my values or what fulfills me?”

§ “Which values am I neglecting?”

Your answers will be liberating either way you answer

If you answer affirmatively, you are, indeed, in fulfillment or towards fulfillment.

If not, you are taking steps towards achieving fulfillment; towards responding to, not being affected by, the world and people around you and choosing to have an effect.

You are being.

So, be aware when pressure signals. It may be time to pause and ensure alignment with your values and what will fulfill you.

It may be time to be.

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