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Your Internal Bully & Coming Home

The debilitating power of the internal bully (may have or) exists and succeeds without your full awareness.

It will influence and determine what you believe to be true and feel about the world, others, and most importantly, yourself.

The negative self image about your weight, not getting promoted, past missteps and other albatrosses; the judging or being judged by others; the state of things around you; all of these accompanied by fear and restlessness will simmer and ultimately inhibit, limit and censure.

Life is challenging as it is without the inner bully's impact and the fear it evokes.

That fear will stoke within, burning all your virtues, goodwill and promise, ultimately alienating you from inner safety, peace and unconditional self empathy.

Your task: to face your internal bully, your judge, jury and self-executioner with something braver than even courage.

With self-empathy and patience you can face and tame the inner bully, making any real threats outside of you even laughable.

These will be the path to yourself, to others and the world, welcoming you home to your unconditionally beautiful and whole being.

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