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The week is done

You triumphed, gained momentum and got through the heavy lifts.

Or, you struggled.

You haven’t landed an interview or job in this difficult, abnormal, new normal.

Monday may seem like yesterday given how fast the days blended, came and went.

Or, you can’t believe you got through the long, grueling meetings and the many leads you followed.

Friends, colleagues and family are well.

Or, someone you know, some you love has the virus….has passed.

Take a moment and acknowledge the triumphs and struggles.

Distinguish them. Sort them, even the conflicting ones. (Contrary to general belief, it’s normal to have conflicting emotions and thoughts.)

Give them names, like maybe fear, love, sadness, joy, anger or surprise.

Acknowledge what matters and is you right now.

Put them to pen and paper, to brush and canvas. Find them in a song. Whatever resonates. Just as important, share with someone who may share their own momentum or difficulties.

You may still work this weekend or you may take pause from what will come on the other side. Whichever your path, take a moment. Acknowledge what you need to acknowledge. It matters. You matter. And, share with someone.

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