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The License to Slow Down this Week

Updated: May 6, 2021

Giving yourself permission to slow down can be important, yet so hard to do. With our identities based on getting things done, executing and being there for others, it's no surprise that stepping back from what defines us is hard to fathom and do.

But is it so important to be able to step out of yourself, out of your mind, where the constructs and lens of doing, doing and more doing seed themselves and exist.

Then, come back inside yourself to realize that happiness is truly an inside job, an inside state of mind, independent of the bottom lines, tasks accomplished and completed checklists.

It’s an existence, a state of being that is independent of the things you do, and also the people and things around you.

Throughout the week, reconnect with and amplify your inner state of happiness by giving yourself license to slow down and be.

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