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Saying “I do.”

A few months ago a few friends playfully popped the question, asking if I would marry them. My response was a confident "I do."

Embarking on this unexpected journey, I embraced the role of officiant with enthusiasm.

The process of obtaining my certification was surprisingly straightforward, and soon I found myself empowered to unite two people in the bond of marriage and to appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the celebration of love felt truly special.

As this weekend approached, I carefully prepared a heartfelt ceremony that reflected the unique connection between my friends. I encouraged them to craft personalized vows and to select meaningful readings, with the purpose of making the ceremony a memorable and cherished moment for them and their loved ones.

This Saturday morning, as I stood before the couple, I couldn't help but feel a mix of excitement and gratitude. The atmosphere was filled with love and anticipation, and I, as their chosen officiant, had the privilege of guiding them through the sacred exchange of vows.

The ceremony went off without a hitch, and the joy radiating from the newlyweds was palpable. Witnessing their union and being an integral part of their special day was an experience beyond words. The sense of honor that accompanied the role was with me long after the ceremony concluded.

Marrying my friends turned out to be more than just a playful response—it became an unexpected journey of self-discovery and a celebration of love.

The experience reinforced the belief that sometimes, saying "I do" to unexpected opportunities can lead to profoundly meaningful and fulfilling moments in life.

I encourage you to say “I do.”, when your opportunities arise.

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