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Say “Yes” to the Adventures That May Lay Ahead For You

Updated: Feb 27

My wife and I recently found ourselves caught in the enchanting dance of serendipity and destiny. It all began during a dinner yesterday evening, where we happened to be seated next to a couple whose interests in farming and gardening mirrored our own. Little did we know that this chance encounter would set the stage for dreams yet to unfold.

As we engaged in conversation with this couple, who appeared to be a decade or so ahead of us in life's journey, we discovered that they were planning to sell their 30-acre farm in the next 1-2 years. The connection felt almost cosmic, a serendipitous alignment of shared passions and future possibilities.

Exchanging telephone numbers before parting ways, we found ourselves captivated by the prospect of exploring the potential of this farm. The mere idea of stepping onto 30 acres of land, cultivating it with love and dedication, has sparked our imaginations and fueled our dreams.

It was barely yesterday evening, yet, the anticipation already exists as we eagerly await their return from their out-of-town adventures, eager to set foot on the land that maybe holds the promise of my wife’s and my shared aspirations. These dreams, born out of a chance encounter, have taken root in our hearts, cultivating a sense of excitement for the future.

In this shared journey of serendipity and destiny, we find joy in envisioning a life surrounded by nature, tending to the land together. The healthy dreaming we indulge in allows us to paint vivid pictures of what could be, embracing the uncertainty with open hearts and open minds.

As we navigate the coming years, we relish the idea that this encounter might just be the universe nudging us towards a path we never knew we were meant to tread. Destiny, it seems, unfolds in the most unexpected ways, and we eagerly embrace the adventure ahead, grateful for the serendipitous moment that sparked these dreams.

Relish your chance encounters and embrace the adventures that may lay ahead for you.

(Picture is on our farm in Mexico at least ten years ago.)

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