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Reframing Through Words to Your Values

In a recent engagement, my coaching client was sharing a challenge at his new job. He was struggling with the specific expectation communicated during onboarding week.

Specifically, the importance of “networking” was stressed throughout all of the onboarding sessions he attended during that first week. Something my coaching partner wasn’t comfortable with.

Throughout our discussion he revealed that “networking” connoted a superficiality and ulterior motives. The word didn’t align with who he was.

Throughout the conversation we reframed the word with “relationship building” which landed better for him. The words aligned with who he was and what he valued.

This reframing refreshed his whole attitude about the company expectation. An expectation he could now own on his terms.

He felt empowered with this shift.

Personally, I can think of a couple of reframes that work for me through word choice. Refreshed perspectives that align with my values.


~Delays…..New Priorities

How about you? Anything you reframe through the power of words? Words that provide a refresher perspective that align with your values?

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