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We Plan & Life Laughs

After traveling over 1,300 miles, Scotty overheated on the Oklahoma Turnpike 50 miles outside of Tulsa.

Triple AAA sent a tow truck and by midnight Scotty was in the lot of Christian Brothers Automotive. A little after that, I was sound asleep at a nearby Spring Hill Suites.

Christian Brothers Automotive wasn’t able to get to Scotty the next day given their tight schedule of local customers. So, by early evening I had Scotty on a 15-foot U-Haul and trailer.

Ready to head out.

Despite all the prepping for the trip (tune up, adjusting the carburetor, etc.)there was no way to have guessed that the maybe the anti-freeze was going to leak through the heater coil.

The repairs may be greater than a new heater coil. Whatever it is, whatever the cost, Scotty is worth it.

I planned and life laughed.

But I laughed back with an open mind and solutions-based approach. No woe is me or frustration over things not turning out how planned. I knew the chances I was taking despite going in with preventive steps and eyes wide open.

I responded to the circumstances with an eye on what is—on reality—and what my options were to forge ahead to the desired or modified results.

I didn’t for a second consider the “as is” $10k offer from Doug, who towed me and Scotty in from the Oklahoma Turnpike that night.

Scotty didn’t—and doesn’t—have a price tag. Only a home to get to 700 miles north with me, where we are now.

What have you planned and life has laughed? And how did you laugh back and forge ahead?

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