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The Importance of Connection

Mi esposa, Sarah, and I went to a high school art exhibit last night.

The exhibit showcased the creativity of the students through their pieces of art.

There were over twenty-five student exhibits and each exhibit had about five to ten pieces. Each young artist was at their booth explaining their art and what it meant to them.

I loved asking the artists questions like “Which was your first piece? Which was your last?”, to see and maybe experience their evolution when creating their pieces for the exhibit.

This piece was created by a student who explained that she was autistic. She shared how she found community and love through her friendships at school and wanted to expressed it through this piece.

I saw every word she shared in her piece. The connection between the three young ladies. The warm and friendship between them.

The one in the middle is the young artist who shared her story and piece. (She readily said yes when I asked if I could take a picture of her beautiful piece.)

Who Sarah and I connected with in person and through her art.

I held Sarah’s hand as we walked out of the school and to the car to head home.

How are you connecting, experiencing, expressing community and love?

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