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My Name is Joaquin & I’ve Self Sabotaged

I’ve worked my way up in several companies. I’ve had a good trajectory where I’m at now.

I’ve provided results through my teams and with colleagues, with vision and integrity.

Several months ago I finally had my chance for a top position.

Honestly, had a good shot at it.

It could’ve been mine for the taking with a best foot forward and following through on my belief in myself and others.

I doubted myself going into it and didn’t believe in the hiring process.

Was I good enough? Could I actually get it? Will management really place a Latino in that role? Are they just talking the talk about equity?

The interview didn’t go well with my shades of doubt in self and others answers.

It was a tough lesson.

But I learned from it.

My name is Joaquin and it won’t happen again.

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