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My Name is Esperanza: I’m Finally Free—and So Is My Husband

My name is Esperanza and I’ve limited myself professionally.

I used to believe it was my high school sweetheart, who I’ve been married to for fifteen years, who limited me.

But it was really me or my perspective that was the limitation.

I was more aware of and gave more importance to my husband’s insecurities or him getting upset (perceived or real) than what I wanted to do. This view was the pleaser in me that I grew up being since I could remember. Others before me.

I also wouldn’t face my own securities and take the easy route—blame my husband for not doing what I wanted to do.

Fortunately, I’ve shifted my perspective to a lens of maturity, treating myself as a mature woman who can make decisions about my professional aspirations. I’m also seeing and treating my husband like a mature man.

The shift in perspective was a long and hard one, just like the adjustments me and my husband have gone through.

And I’m still working on it. Just like my husband and I are working through it.

I’m finally feel free of my unchecked limiting perspective—it’s easy to fall into my pleaser mode.

I’m facing my insecurities head on. In pursuit of my professional dreams.

My husband is free of the presupposed, unfair accusations.

And we going to get through this together.




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