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Monday with Momentum

Our weekend got off to a pleasant start on Friday. We went out for dinner, where we surprisingly met up with “framilia”. A meal for two turned into an unexpected feast with those dear to us. Then, a night at the orchestra with Mike (our future nephew) conducting.

Saturday was yard work before the heavy rains rolled in. Some “work-work” got done with the upcoming busy work week in mind. Being invited to dinner at the neighbor’s house full of energetic youngsters, teenagers, and a platter of grilled arrachera closed out Saturday.

By Sunday a cold but cathartic motorcycle ride along the lakefront and a hot coffee & panini sandwich to warm up was a thrill. Followed by a tribute drive in 40-year old, “Scotty” (it was my father’s truck) filled the soul.

What was left of Sunday trickled off with chords on the guitar, calls with friends to catch up on vida, and a lulling fire.

Monday with momentum is indeed a possibility because of the weekend pause.  To continue the week with animo and an orchestra conductor’s smile.

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