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Navigating through COVID-19*

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Managing stress right now is difficult. It’s especially difficult because of the invisible nature of COVID-19 and not knowing when to take flight or fight. So, we're in a constant, underlying state of uncertainty and stress that manifests itself through subtle or overt agitation, impatience or depression.

Here are five ways to manage your stress levels:

  • Exercise (walking, jogging, yoga etc.) to engage your strained muscles that are constantly in fight or flight mode. Find ways to relax your physical body to release any negative physical energy.

  • Do things that make you feel calm, such as cleaning your house or garage or even going through old pictures that you’ve always meant to sort.

  • Avoid binge wartching your news sources. Keep informed, but do so in deliberate and limited doses and then disconnect.

  • During these difficult times, avoid making big decisions. Full clarity of thought is hard when you are stressed.

  • Keep physically distant from those outside of your immediate circle or home, but stay socially connected. Social engagement with your loved ones and friends will keep you focused on what matters most, human interaction. Sharing your whole self with those close to you will nourish your soul, mind and health.

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