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I am “Terco”

Yes, I admit it.

Soy terco, from the noun terquedad.

It’s gotten me this far, through the most difficult and almost insurmountable times in my life.

But to be honest.....I probably made some avoidable mistakes and charred some relationships along the way because of my terquedad.

Through my coaching certifications, I’ve come to fully appreciate how an overdone strength becomes a weakness.

In other words, let me introduce you to my self determination and tenacity overdone: terquedad.

I’m “determined” to continue to lower the volume on my terquedad and healthily cultivate my tenacity and determination.

Doing so may take me even further by avoiding some mistakes and enriching my relationships along the way.

Heck, there may even be hope for me with all this agility, flexibility and pivoting talk that is so important to get ahead and forward along the way.

Willing to partner with me in this rebalancing of strenghts?

Hispanic/Latinx Executive Coaching

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