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Humility & Confidence

Updated: May 7

Embrace and find a balance between humility and confidence for a healthier approach to being. This will lead to change and growth and free us from our blind spots.

Humility leads us to greater self-awareness, and offers us the opportunity to acknowledge our limitations and shortcomings, to accept constructive feedback, and to embrace continuous learning and becoming. Humility keeps us open to new ideas, perspectives, and possibilities, which feeds a growth mentality.

Confidence gives us momentum to act, a license to be, and to live life standing up, at the ready. It’s  an inner green light to take risks, pursue ambitious goals, and overcome obstacles, no matter how great. Confidence fuels our ganas in the face of adversity and enables us to step through uncertainty with patience, courage, and conviction. Without it, we are stuck and stagnant.

Healthy levels of humility and confidence are necessary for personal and professional growth. Too much humility will lead to self-doubt and the absence of self-advocacy, the silencing of our voice, and fulfillment of our needs and dreams. Too much will make you someone’s doormat. Unchecked confidence leads us to arrogance and ignorance of our shortcomings, like walking with blindfolds on.

Nurturing humility and confidence is our fuerza para transformarnos. Humility provides us with self-awareness necessary to recognize areas for improvement and seek guidance when needed. Confidence empowers us to seize opportunities and live our lives standing up straight in the moment.

Humility helps us to question our assumptions and seek others’ perspectives. Confidence leads us toward challenges head-on and the willingness to adapt to changing circumstances.

Open the door and befriend humildad y confianza. You may need to spend more time with one or the other. Leverage their strengths while taming their excesses, as you balance their interplay in your día-a-día.

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