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Awareness of Your Double-Edged Swords

We all have double-edged swords that help us gracefully slice through life’s challenges. But these same swords can also cut us down.

I’m referring to our strengths that when leveraged benefit us but when overused hamper us.

For example, the admirable sword of being principled when over-swung can make us perfectionists and unforgiving.

An over-swung loving sword can smother others and even make us forget to say “No.” when we really want to say “No”.

Unharnessed ambition can chain us to comparisons with others, of keeping up with the Martinez’s.

The over-done strength of usually going with the flow, being flexible/adaptable, numbs you from your instincts, what you may really want and who you really are.

Name your strengths and be aware of the consequences of over leveraging them to keep you safety and successfully on your life path.

And carry on swinging those swords.

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