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!Animo y Adelante! Beyond the “I” Word

Don’t be so hard on yourself.

You learned it through media, school books and subtle or not so subtle messaging.

It’s how we grew up seeing our reality and learning how some of reality sees us. The perceptions and treatment slightly or firmly embedded in our psyche.

Now, you are facing it.

Ojo a ojo.

It was disheartening at first, accepting that you had not given yourself your place throughout the years.

But now you are despierto and empowered.

The self-sabotaging, second-guessing, wait-until-I’m-told-I’m-ready and apologetic mindset dismantled.

Time to reset with self worth, direction, optimism and to define your reality.

The sense of an “inferiority” complex replaced by the intrinsic beautiful and worthy sense of who you are and belief of what you will be.

Empowered to do and be y, a la vez, inspire our hermanos y hermanas.

!Animo y Adelante!

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