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Three Steps to Shift Hiring and Promotion Practices towards an Impactful DEI Program

A few weeks ago, a CEO of a national organization shared his thoughts about general hiring and promotion practices at many major corporations.

One of the most striking statements he made was that “Non-minorities get hired or promoted based on potential. Minorities get hired or promoted based on performance”.

Since then, I unpacked the statement with other leaders in various industries. They confirmed the general sentiment and shared some related biases in hiring and promotion practices at many companies.

Here are just a few of them.

§ Non-minorities are considered inherently less risky to hire or promote since a company may more readily support them if they struggle in their new role; whereas for minorities, support systems are less likely if they struggle in their new role.

§ Non minorities are viewed as inherently more able to take on a new role and as an “insider”; whereas minorities are viewed as needing to prove themselves first to be seen as capable, to being worthy of being “taken in as long as they don't rock the boat".

§ Top leadership is “more comfortable” hiring and promoting Non-minorities than minorities. Top leadership is truly not ready to implement DEI practices.

§ Consequently, Non-minorities more readily have a “figure it out as I go along” mentality in a new role and will likely be supported to succeed; whereas minorities may struggle with an imposter syndrome and have to figure it out on their own to succeed.

As you leader, here are three steps to help ensure your company is on a firm path towards DEI:

1) Hold a meeting with fellow leadership to discuss these and other related but yet, untouched, points;

2) Have courageous and candid conversations on where the company stands on these and related beliefs and biases; and,

3) Develop and implement actions and practices to shift beliefs and biases in your hiring and promotion practices and company culture.

Be bold. Be committed. Be a leader in this space.

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