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Stop Being a Mule

So, you’ve been passed up on job promotions, maybe even been laid off.

This and more, despite all the hard work and value you have added rolling up your sleeves throughout the years.

A few years back someone was let go from your team and you jumped right in to fill the void. To get done what needed to get done. On top of your responsibilities and load you took more on.

This would get you noticed, you thought. A raise would be due, you hoped. A promotion, likely.

But it didn’t happen. Instead, you were loaded up even more.

And you put your head down and produced, lead, and created value again. You hoped it would lead to your deserved recognition and more.

And it still didn’t happen.

And you still aren’t valued for the leader that you are and can be.

You are seen as a mule.

Taking more on. To climb up that mountain with the heavy load for someone else’s recognition and promotion……

My friend, I’m reminding you that you are strategic, you do create value and a vision that leads others through it and beyond.

Give yourself your place. Stop being a mule.

Be the stallion that you are.

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