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Scotty & the Bigger Picture

Flew down to Queretaro, Mexico on May 4 to pick up my 83 Scottsdale (“Scotty”) pickup, which I had refurbished.

Woke up in Laredo, Texas this morning to continue the 1,200 mile + drive back home.

As much as I’ll enjoy driving her through the back roads of Michigan in the future, what Scotty represents is so much more.

Scotty signifies appreciation of:

Ruben: a cousin who oversaw the refurbishing project while managing his law practice and tending to his farm.

Sergio: a cousin who helped me through the government maze for my business dealings and connected me with a solid accountant.

Efraín - the “maestro” who built our home, for taking care of upkeep details so I could enjoy the place during my quick visit.

Uncle Enrique - for the hours of pause under my favorite huisache tree. Just looking over our forty acres and the mountains to our south. Reminiscing, reconnecting, and savoring tequila from an oak barrel aged since November.

Martha - my dear cousin of youth who always warms my heart with love.

Most of us have family to truly bring us home to what matters. Some of us have had to “choose our family” to find what matters. Either way, it’s connections with others that is always worth appreciating.

Bringing Scotty home represents those connections. Connections that fill me with appreciation and warmth.

My efforts and hope is that I have been as much a blessing to them as they have always been for me.

Those connections will also keep me cool as I drive through hot and humid Texas and northwards without a working air conditioner. (A summer project on Scotty, indeed.)

A short lived inconvenience with the bigger picture of appreciation of others and living in mind.

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