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Remember this Moment

Remember this New Year’s moment of optimism and enthusiasm, like that new notebook on your first day of school. Remember the purity of your fresh intentions, the sparkle of your eyes wide open for what is possible and can be. hopeful for a better year in 2021 when, amongst other goals, you’ll:

§ be a better listener and curious about others and what is around you

§ find the opportunity in all challenges and setbacks & achieve professional goals

Throughout 2021, you’ll likely fall and scrape a knee. And your self saboteurs of perfectionism, pleaser or avoider, to name a few, may show up like a bully on that grammar school playground to cause you and others harm. The bully may even show up through others that may make you react and lose course. During those difficult times is when you'll dig deep for the memory, the moment, of this year's eve and reclaim your hope, enthusiasm and so much more, like that new notebook on your first day of school.

Have a graceful and warm closure to this year and a fulfilling 2021.

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