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Raise your Intuition Aperture

Many of us have lost connection with what we really think, feel or sense about the world and people around us. We’ve lost trust in our intuition, our gut feeling.

Why or how we lose that connection will vary by person: fear of taking a stand, not hurting someone’s feelings, lack of confidence or misalignment with our core values and purpose. You fill in the blank as to why you’ve lost connection with your intuition if this resonates with you.

Think back to long ago, past or even some recent events when you didn’t listen or act on your intuition. It’s a sense that a human puzzle piece is missing, something just doesn’t feel right.

Here’s my call to action for you: for just one day make it a deliberate, conscious practice to raise your intuition aperture, regardless of—and especially because of—the distractions and arrows pointing elsewhere around you. And make decisions based on your gut sense.

At the end of that day, take inventory of decisions made or not made by deep listening to, deep connection with, your intuition.

Consider partnering with a Co-active coach to raise your intuition aperture in alignment with your values compass, life vision and goals.

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