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Let's try this again....

It’s the start of the day and before opening your eyes and reaching for your phone, you’ve already been mulling about your day’s and week’s to-do’s. The assumptions and saboteurs firmly in mind, hashed and rehashed by the time you’ve made it to the bathroom.

You take a sip of your special pick-me-up, further dissecting and toiling over calls, meetings and heavy lifts. The feeding of kids or pets and breakfast only a blur as the laptop screen comes on.

Let’s try this again....

Your alarm go off with the nice ring you set for yourself recently. You kinda remember the dream you had as you inhale and exhale deeply in bed.

The ceiling fan above makes you wonder if the setting should be on counter or clockwise this time of year. This cyclical mystery makes you smile cause it’s always something you have to re-remember every time.

The temperature of the shower feels good on the muscles, letting the water stream on face to slowly awaken to the day.

Thoughts of today’s challenges arise but you purposefully set them aside and stay in the moment, stay in the present.

All the subsequent moments are experienced fully without the weight of the pending day: the kids, the coffee spill and your morning tunes.

As the screen fires up and the first call is made or received, you're ready to experience what unfolds and what you’ll have an effect on today. You're purposeful to make happen and what will happen with curiosity and surprise, holding preconceived perspectives at bay which will allow for fresh looks, momentum and opportunities.

Indeed, easier said than done. But what a difference to be able to remain present to your moments.

Through our coaching partnership, let’s discover the tools that will keep you in your moments, keep you in your present.

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