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It’s Everything

Sarah planted peas, carrots, squash, lettuce, and kale. I planted five varieties of tomatoes, serrano, and habanero peppers.

Everything we placed in fresh soil and compost was purchased in sprouted form from a local farm.

We dug holes and placed each baby plant into the earth with the hope of harvest by July, much sooner for the lettuce.

Before each immersion into the fresh soil, we loosened the roots of each baby plant which had seeded in black, plastic containers.

Each plant had tens of white, delicate roots all tangled and compressed together.

For these plants to reach their potential this summer, our planting and harvest came down to these moments. To untangle the netted roots with our fingers and ginger shakes.

These moments of gentle and tender purpose was all that mattered for these baby plants to grow.

All that was important.

To be in those moments of cause and effect was exhilarating and everything.

It made me think of how important it is as a leader, a parent, a friend, a human being to have this same intent and purpose for others.

To see each other with a similar gentle and tender purpose.

To purposefully see in one another the seedlings of potential. To do what we can to free (or simply appreciate) each other’s roots of raw or budding ability.

It’s everything.

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