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Follow through

You’ve begun to process and understand the systemic injustice and have determined the long-standing reality does not align with your values.

Facing the institutional reality has been sobering and real. Beginning to understand the layers, overwhelming. Differentiating between friends who truly believe a person’s value is based on skin color, necessary. Making a stand, forced to make a stand, a life changing moment.

The books on systemic racism have been purchased. You’ve participated in peaceful protests, even convincing a neighbor to join.

Remembering the colored girl or boy from grammar school that you liked. But you weren’t allowed to like. And now calling your parents’ beliefs for what they were and still are.

Also thought about the countless nuanced, carefully expressed, discussions or unspoken beliefs at work about a person of color’s abilities because they weren’t, they aren’t, well you know.....”qualified”.

So now what? What’s next? What’s sustainable?

Yeah, voting is an actual step.

But what else?

What’s are the steps that empower and resonate with your values and will add heightened purpose to your life?

Consider exploring what your follow through will be with a Co-active coach.

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