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Coexistence & Paradox

It is possible to experience profound sadness and pleasure, almost simultaneously. Our rich and multilayered existence provides the experience of contradictory emotions.

Feeling bad or guilty about feeling pleasure amidst the pain is unhealthy.

My family and I are carrying a great sorrow for over a month now.

The pain will exist in us for quite awhile. Time will heal, but the loss will always be a part of our existence, our psychological DNA.

This evening I finally went out for a ride. It had been a while.

Really, a world ago.

I rode to the beach where I go after work to unwind. I’d usually call my folks to say hello. My mom would tell me about her day at the swimming pool. My dad would ask when I'd be visiting. So, he'd have his delicious salsa ready for our dinner together.

The quick shifting of gears and the power of the motorcycle was pleasurable, amidst the pain. The cold wind penetrating the leather gloves felt good on my fingers.

Emotions coexisted and there was peace with the paradox at a fast speed through the country road.

At the beach, I rode onto the sidewalk to get as close to the sunset as possible.

And elderly couple walked by and away as I took a picture of the fading sun they just experienced.

So, pleasant and thankful to see this couple up close and through my rear view mirror, together.

Our rich and multilayered existence allows us the coexistence of pain and pleasure and to be at peace with the paradox this thanksgiving with family and friends.

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