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Appreciate the Full Circles

My son, Sebastián, graduates from St. Ignatius College Prep (Iggy) next week. This evening was the service for the graduates, families, and friends.

When he was in eight grade he was leaning towards a rival high school, which I fully supported. I’ve always encouraged him to make his own decisions and to think for himself.

While I was away on business during his eight grade, unbeknownst to me he went to a shadow day at Iggy. When I got back, my wife, Sarah, shared he had gone. That she knew the tables had turned the second he got in the car when picking him up that day.

And the rest is history. A quick four year history that ended before we knew it. He was in band and robotics and he made a few good friends along the way.

Sarah and I never looked at his grades through the parent portal.

Heck, my parents never asked me about my grades. They never did because they were immigrants turned citizens who were a bit overwhelmed and intimidated by schooling. They never made it past sixth grade.

My dad, because he lived on a farm and went to the classroom of life behind a plow. And my mom, because she had to work in my grandfather’s store, just like her siblings.

We never hounded Sebastián on grades because we wanted him to learn to hold himself accountable. It was all on him.

And he did well.

During the service, I sat arm to arm with Sebastián and listened to President John Chandler’s opening comments. His message of celebration, stewardship, and hope resonated as I sat full of pride and contentment.

John was my teacher years back. And he has been instrumental in preserving Iggy’s mission for thousands of young men and women since then.

The circle is complete on this one for Sarah and me. Celebration. Stewardship. Hope. Pride. My parent’s sacrifices honored. Sarah’s and my best efforts to reap.

How about you? What’s has come full circle for you?


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