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A Pebble in Your Shoe*

Monday is a memory and Wednesday flew right into the week's close. But there may also an uneasiness, like a pebble in our shoe that can’t be removed. Here's a few possible reasons. Maybe one will resonate. And through this process we can give it a name and mandarlo al aire. You decide which resonates for you: Atlanta. Sadness. Boulder. Vigilance. Anger. Or, maybe something else. Only you know. Not trying to bum you out as the week ends. Just inviting you to experience what may be inside of you but avoided by the week's to-do's. Acknowledge it. Give it a name. This brave pause of reflection will lead to heightened awareness and peace. Let it coexist with your resilience and ganasto find your inner balance. This heightened awareness and courage will fill your emptiness and in the process be all of you. In the process, you may even take that pebble out of your shoe. You can then be fully present when you kiss your kids a dormir, making sense of it all by the time that other side of Sunday arrives. !Animo y adelante! Hispanic/Latinx Executive Coaching #positiveintelligencecoaching #coactivecoaching

*Originally posted in 2020

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