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A Face of Courage

Ms. Cassidy Hutchinson and her family and friends are likely life-long Republicans. Her roles during the ex-president’s administration were probably seen with pride and satisfaction.

She believed in the administration.

Then, I’ll venture to speculate, she had to make a choice when she witnessed the lead up to January 6, that fateful day, and the aftermath.

A choice between a sense of what is right, of integrity, a sense of self, her conscience, and who and what she once believed in.

Only she knows what she went through to dismantle who and what she believed in.

Courage has many faces. Chest thumping. Brave-hearting. Jumping into the ring to face foes.

And, as we saw, it is also the face and demeanor of Ms. Hutchinson. Calm. Soft-spoken. Earnest in her choice of what is right and taking a stand.

Seated in front of the Congressional committee. Hands folded at times. Sitting upright. Head up. The honesty and integrity evident.

A face of courage that inspires and evidences what doing the right thing looks like.

May we also assume the opportunity to be as courageous in our everyday and not so everyday as Cassidy Hutchinson has.

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