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What's Your Tequila Moment?

I still have to take the dogs out. Everyone is in bed. The fire is still going. And I’m all alone.

A perfect time for my tequila moment to reflect.

My reflections usually free form, but sometimes there’s more of a method and inventorying. Tonight I will inventory the core emotions of Love, Joy, Surpise, Anger, Fear and Sadness for the day.

There are many emotions under these major ones. For example, for Love there are the nuanced emotions of affection, adoration and fondness. For Anger, there is irritation, aggravation and agitation.

So, let’s see. (First sip of my reposado)

Love when we were all together in the living room just being. We were all doing our own thing. My wife was reading; my son was laughing up a storm with a podcast; and, I was prepping for a coaching appointment for tomorrow.

I don’t recall feeling Joy today, per se. But I did feel relief, a nuance of Joy. I experienced relief during a call when content developers of a project I am leading were collaborating and actively advocating their ideas to achieve the best results.

Surprised when I finished doing the dishes a few minutes ago and my son appreciatively said “Thanks for doing the dishes.” You see, he is a teenager. A thoughtful one a that. But to get a thank you out of a teenager is a unique moment. (Second sip)

Anger? Not today. But I did feel the nuance of annoyance during a conference call. It was because there was a lack of collaboration amongst participants during a separate call—a different project I am leading.

I didn’t experience Fear today, but its nuance, uneasiness, did creep up when listening to my allotted 15 minutes of daily news.

And, I experienced Sadness when I thought of my folks who I haven’t seen or hugged in several weeks, due to the shelter-in-place. (Sip)

So, this was my tequila moment. An opportunity to acknowledge core feelings or their nuances, which always centers and humanizes me. (Almost done with my glass)

If I have the opportunity to coach you, as part of our Discovery Session you’ll have the option of doing an emotions inventory of your whole life, by decades and years. This will give me a chance to get to know you as we embark on our forward-looking and actionable partnership.

For now, I am curious to know what is your version of a tequila moment? (Cheers! Final sip)

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