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Towards Fulfillment....

Tonight, I picked up my guitar that’s been sitting in the basement for way too long. The humidity gel in the case unsurprisingly hard as a rock.

Surprisingly, the strings needed little tuning. And it felt good to hold my guitar on my lap.

Deep down I knew I could do better, that I needed to follow through on what I set out to do several years ago. Barely learning four chords back then, I stopped. Despite my innate desire to learn and my enjoyment in hearing the guitar, I didn't continue even though it filled my heart.

So, I’ve tasked myself to begin again.

I’ll resume practicing the basic chords, E, E minor, F (the dreaded F), G, A, A minor, C, D and D minor. Eventually, I'll build towards changing chords with my clumsy fingers and then learn a few songs.

America’s “Horse with No Name” might be a starter with its E minor and D6/9Fsharp.

I’m excited to start again. It’s gonna be a long, worthwhile effort that will provide fulfillment with every strum. Indeed, my story of doing better.

It would’ve been easier for me to listen to the news and point out how others can do better.

Instead, I chose the more fulfilling task of looking inward and finding my better path without the ruminations of Should’a, Could’a, Would’a.

What can you do better towards fulfillment? What will bring you closer to filling your heart, making you feel more alive?

In a coaching partnership, we can explore what that is for you.

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