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Top Five Learnings from 2020

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Indeed, blindsided is 2020. Still, you must have learned something about yourself, others or life, in general.

Below are my top five learnings about life, others or myself:

§ A company that places people (especially their employees) first, thrives during challenging times and for the long-haul.

§ The ability to recover quickly from mistakes, adversities, uncertainty and overall challenges is a universal human and life differentiator.

§ Self-awareness of saboteurs or “our not so nice or productive traits” enables a path towards healthier traits and choices, if we are willing to put in the effort.

§ Self-empathy and empathy towards others are game changers.

§ Ability to see opportunities and gifts in all negative situationsis another game changer with practice, perseverance, patience and openness to other perspectives.

What were your top learnings or self-discoveries for the year? And, how will you leverage these learnings in your professional and personal life in 2021?

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