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Sabotage: to deliberately destroy, damage or obstruct

"I can't." "I'm afraid to fail." "I don't deserve it." "I don't belong."

An inner saboteur deliberately destroys, damages or obstructs us. The saboteur destroys our self-worth and leads us to believe that we don’t matter. A saboteur damages our being, resulting in actions not taken and moments not seized.

A saboteur also obstructs us from our path of transformation and realization. When we second-guess ourselves, our abilities and value, dreams aren’t pursued and opportunities missed.

In a coaching partnership with me, you’ll identify your saboteur and give it a name. Our collaborative discussions will help you understand the impact of your saboteur. And, you’ll develop actionable and forward looking tools to manage through to the best in you and about you.

When you are ready, let's partner to identify your saboteur and reclaim your authentic self.

"I can.” “I’ll try my best.” "I deserve it and matter.” “I do belong.”

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