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The Art of Rest

Updated: May 29, 2022

For some of us, it’s not that easy to put the world on pause and rest. To enjoy some well-deserved time for self. We might even feel guilty not “being on” and productive.

The guilt may stem from work ethic values drilled deeply into us without balance at an early age. Or, quite frankly, an OCD-like energy that becomes part of us.

I learned the hard way to deliberately slow down years back when the weekdays blurred into the weekends. Personal/family life was suffering.

Burn out was around the corner if I hadn’t slowed down back then.

Do-nothing days and moments are now part of my routine. Like this Saturday afternoon.

My wife reading in the hammock nearby; our dogs, Nico and Zache (sa-chay) being lulled to sleep as they count rabbits darting in and out of the woods. We can hear birds and our chimes dance with the subtle wind.

I’m suspended by a strong oak tree branch. The sun’s warmth on my legs and face.


Thoughts of parents grieving in Texas.

My parents health.

My son’s adventure on his first trip on his own.

Contemplating on what is important. As birds chirp and our decades old oak tree offers shade.

Centering self. Putting the world on pause.

Guilt free. Mindful. Contemplative and at peace.

What is your art of rest?

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