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Some Thoughts on this Hell of a Year

Thanks to all of you who have received and/or read my blogs throughout the year.

It's been a hell of a year on so many levels that I am pausing right now to reflect, be thankful and capture some bottom-line thoughts.

Where did the year ago? The days of March when COVID-19 took hold turned into weeks and months; Spring became Summer and Fall fell into this November chill in a blink.

Work turned upside down. I haven't worn dress pants or a shirt since early March. I haven't hugged my parents since March or spent times with a large group of friends. No trips to our farm in Mexico. Parents, aunts and friends of friends have passed due to COVID.

It's been a difficult year.

Thanksgiving will be very low-key with my wife and son as the virus wave continues. It'll be lonely for us without family and friends.

But we still have so much to be thankful for amidst the chaos. There is hope for our country now that the election is over, although a tradition transition of power will likely not happen.

I know it's not over, yet, but indeed, "Blindsided was 2020".

Still, I navigated because of my raising the volume on self-empathy, empathy for others and nurturing an inner sense of safety and security to navigate forward.

Hope you all had navigable waters and found the necessary life-boat when you needed it.

Have a safe, secure and peaceful November and December full of self-empathy and empathy for others as we prepare to hold steadfast with 2021 in mind.

Chin up. Head down. And, wear a mask. Cause we need to get to the other side of this.

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