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Self-Advocacy at Work

You’re swamped but the boss loops you into more projects.

It’s hard for you to say “No.”, although you want and need to.

Try these self-advocacy steps:

Courageously say, “That sounds like a great project. I’d like to learn more about it. I can also share what’s on my plate right now to determine how I can contribute.”

When you meet, learn as much about the project. You may realize the project can be a growth opportunity and advocate a way to actually make it work with your load.

But if your intuition says burnout by taking more on, share in detail all the projects on your plate and add, “I’m at __% capacity with my current load. I can probably do 'X' given my capacity.”

A sensible boss will read the cues to arrive at a manageable add on or no add on.

And, you’ll have gracefully and successfully advocated for yourself.


If your boss misses the cues and is inflexible, it’s an opportunity to advocate for new deadlines on your projects given the new load.

In all these scenarios, you’ll have given yourself your place, for “(Insert your last name here) Incorporated.”

Good luck building that boldness muscle and feel good about your self-advocacy journey.

Hispanic/Latinx Executive Coaching

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