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Ruminations to Declarations

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Being sheltered-in-place can result in thinking too much, especially about things that we have no influence over. Let me share with you some of the fruits of my ruminations:

-After COVID-19, will we remember how alone and isolated we were and truly value human interaction

over material things?

-Will Zoom and Skype workforce feel a connection and deeper appreciation for the migrant farm

worker, the delivery woman and grocery store clerks?

-Will buying groceries online hammer the final nails in the coffin of mom and pop businesses?

-In the end, will we remember that we were all in this together and working together is our best hope?

-Will the quality of early and methodical data-driven action be the coveted criteria for future leaders?

-Will dictatorships fare better than democracies through COVID-19?

You see what I mean? And this is without binge news watching (see my Navigating through COVID-19 blog).

So, I decided to apply one of the recommendations from the earlier blog and connect with family in Mexico via Zoom to end the evening.

But first, here were some thoughts I came up with that I do have influence over and that are important to me:

-Be a better listener with my wife and son, which is one of my number one goals as a husband and


-Finish up some work items with tomorrow’s to-do’s in mind.

-Reach out to my folks and sister to know how they are doing and a few texts to my buddies, some of

whom I've been friends with since grammar school.

-A quick call with my website developer who I am so grateful for (and will tell her that).

-And, I thought of three things that i am grateful for: i) my loved ones near and far are doing okay; ii) I

ate healthy today; and, iii) the decision to consciously meditate a few minutes before going to bed.

It’s interesting how these thoughts were all declarative and actionable.....all things I have influence over....compared to my uninfluenceable ruminations.

If you have your own ruminations, heavy and unbounded, I invite you to come up with your own declarative sentences, to take action, about what is important to you.

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