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Put the World on Pause Retreat, Fall 2022

Join Executive Coach Gustavo Lira at his 40-acre home, El Huizachal (EH) with two other guests for an extended weekend of just being, 1:1 coaching, and group discussions. (November 11-14, 2022)

The extended weekend’s purpose is to give yourself license to put the world on pause & your guard down, and just be.

Prior to arriving to Gustavo’s home, you’ll be signed up for a total of four 1:1 confidential coaching during your stay.

There’ll also be the opportunity for group discussions with other guests on some potentially predetermined topics and/or what’s individually and collectively in mind.


Arrive to the Queretaro (QRO) International Airport and be picked up by Gustavo or driver will take you to El Huizachal.

Settle in at EH and unwind. In the evening, enjoy a big dinner with Gustavo and other guests. Gustavo will lead the grilling and cooking effort. You’ll be part of the cooking effort grilling steaks or learning to make some homemade salsa in a molcajete.

Saturday & Sunday

Your two 1:1 courageous, candid, and confidential coaching session topics with Gustavo.

Individual Time

Group Discussion: Participate in a group discussion facilitated by Gustavo. A few topics will be offered by Gustavo. However, the topic can be suggested or inspired by the group.

On Saturday, join local family for homemade Mexican meal. On Sunday enjoy last supper with Gustavo guests/friends.


Gustavo or driver will take you to the Queretaro (QRO) International Airport.

Retreat Cost: $2,499, includes

-Transportation to/from airport

-Personal bedroom at El Huizachal

-Meals, snacks, beverages & dinner at local family’s home (a tip to the cook welcome)

-Four coaching sessions with Gustavo

-Two group discussions with Gustavo leading/facilitating discussion (potential topics- inner confidence, self empowerment/advocating)

-Gustavo and guests will self and communally prepare meals during stay.

Your cost:

-Airfare (travel insurance recommended)

-Beer or liquor

-Restaurant outings (if any)

Send me a message if you are interested and for additional details.

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