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Our Sixth Sense

It’s a universal topic that is real for many of us, despite nationality or ethnicity. In nuestra cultura, it is pervasive, alive and well.

I’m referring to the thinking about others, “los demás”, before the expense of ourselves.

This sixth sense evolves early in life, as we helped our parents navigate a new culture and became existentially tuned into the needs of others, before fully developing our sense of self.

This other-focused mindset persists throughout our life, in our marriage, our relationships in and outside of the family, and even in the work place.

Becoming fully mindful of this sixth sense, this heightened awareness of others, before our own needs, thoughts and dreams takes practice.

It will also take time, to fully give yourself your place, "darte tu lugar"; to discover what you truly feel and want deep down inside; to learn to lower the volume of “los demás” and raise the volume of what you want, really-really want, for your auténtica/auténtico self.

The effort and journey is so worth it and in even los demás wind up reaping from the ultimate of you, the empowered you and your whole being.

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