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New Horizons & Opportunities Await You

During the hot, humid, city, summer days, the older kids would open up the street fire hydrants. Cooling off and running under the streams of water are still a refreshing memory. In the winters, we would hitch rides behind passing cars by holding on to the back bumper. Our feet almost frostbitten by nightfall but the thrill of “skitching” down the whole street kept our toes adrenalin-warm. Between these weather extremes, we would cruise up and down our world of familiar sidewalks, making wheelies, skid-marks and jumping ramps.

Our world was joyous even though limited to our street boundaries. We did not go beyond the familiar because of parent rules or because we did not know any better.

Before you continue reading past this sentence, imagine being my buddy as a kid….having fun….but limited to our defined world and few streets…………….

Now realize that our world has just opened up beyond our street address and beyond our wildest imagination, to have more fun, more friends, more experiences and opportunities.

In real life, in your current state, the world has opened up for you.

Your job prospects and possibilities have multiplied beyond your town or city due to Covid. Working remotely will become closer to the norm, if it has not already. This means now you might find your new job opportunity on the opposite side of the country or beyond based on your skills, knowledge and definitely attitude.

The progressive companies you never considered applying to 12 months ago are now possibilities.

So, find that new playground of fire hydrant fun, skitching and biking cause new horizons and worlds of opportunities await you!

Hispanic/Latinx Executive Coaching

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