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March Madness during Covid-19

The subtlety of new normals caught me off guard.

Pre Covid, a few buddies and I would’ve gotten together with the families and enjoyed us some March Madness games.

It’s not even a consideration this year.

None of us has said a peep about getting together. But we do have text to share the games. Domesticated March Madness, if you will.

It was a little easier for me for one of the games since my alma mater won.

Go Ramblers!

When we’re on the other side of this virus, it’ll be interesting to see which new behaviors are part of the new normal. Watching March Madness games via text with my buddies will definitely NOT be one of them.

How about you? Which new normal will you not miss? And, I guess, which one(s) do you hope to keep?

Just as important, how’s your bracket doing?

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