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Hunger & Triggers

Sometimes when I eat it’s not because I’m truly hungry, much less cause my stomach is aching for food. I don’t remember when I’ve been truly hungry.

I eat usually because I happen to be walking by the kitchen and I see food. Because it’s morning, afternoon, or evening, and it’s “time to eat”. Or, cause I am stressed, frustrated, and need the comfort and immediate satisfaction food provides.

When is the last time you ate because your body messaged that you needed to eat? Ate because you were truly hungry. And then readily stopped when your body messaged you were full?

About three years ago I lost, no exaggeration, over 30 pounds in about six months. I did it applying a crazy concept.

I ate when I truly was hungry. And crazier, I stopped eating when I was full. I didn’t even have an exercise routine during that time and the pounds came off.

It was great. My waist 32 inch pants fit again after about ten years in waist 34s and at one point 36s.

I’m currently comfortably at 33s almost 32s, and listening to my body tell me when I am hungry and when I’m full.

My personal path to healthier living, is acting on the self awareness that stress, frustration, and the need for immediate satisfaction sometimes make me eat, even though I’m not hungry or I’ve had enough to eat.

The measure is to reach and stay at 32s for my height and age.

Care to join me on eating just when you are hungry and stopping when your full? And just as important, being self aware of what triggers you to do otherwise?

I’m actually hungry right now.

Time to eat.

Hopefully, I’ll stop eating when I’m full.

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