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Giving Yourself Your Place

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Are you second-guessing the things that you thought were important? I imagine many of us are.

I’ve turned the question around in a way that encourages me to act. I’ve asked myself “Are there things that I have not prioritized the way I want?” And here are a few of the important ones.

To begin with, I have not prioritized being completely present with and nurturing to my wife and son. I mean, I have been, for the most part. But there is a definite need for healthy improvement.

I can think of the many-a-numerous times I’ve half-heartedly listened to my wife. I’ve butted in before she finished what she was saying and not contributed to a healthy interactive discussion. There have been as many a times that I haven’t read into what my son was really saying and assumed I knew best.

I’ve also not made it important to slow down and be. For example, I’ve have a beautiful Takamine guitar in the basement for over five years collecting dust. I can barely play four chords on it, three chords if I am being realistic. Also, I also haven’t learned how to kite a paramotor wing—a sport I am intrigued by and one my son has been into for the past couple of years.

The self-awareness is sobering. And, it's redeeming to decide to give all of these their place. And, in the process give myself my place.

So here goes. I pose the question to you. “Are there things that you have not prioritized like you want?

Are you ready to give them their place and in the process give yourself your place?”

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